Arbor Hospice utilizes volunteers in all areas of the organization. Based on a volunteer’s background, talent and areas of interest, Arbor Hospice will provide the necessary training and work closely with you to identify a rich and rewarding volunteer experience.

Examples of how Arbor Hospice volunteers serve
Arbor Hospice volunteers give their time in order to provide quality of life support for patients, caregivers, and staff.  Frequency and duration of assignments is based on volunteer availability. Examples of volunteer assignments include:

  • Patient companionship volunteers support patients or family caregivers by assisting with hobbies, such as playing cards or board games, listening to music, reading, and watching favorite movies together.
  • Caregiver relief volunteers provide family caregivers a much-needed break so they can run errands, attend important events, or just refresh and recharge.
  • Bedside vigil volunteers fill a special role as a supportive presence at the bedside of a patient who is actively dying so they are not alone.
  • Photographer and portrait artist volunteers create images of pediatric and adult patients and families.
  • Musician and artist volunteers provide creative healing experiences for patients in a facility or a home setting.
  • Veteran volunteers connect to and support Veteran patients through the We Honor Veterans Program.
  • My Stories Program volunteers assist patients by recording memories or lessons learned so that loved ones can view videos or listen to recordings for years to come.
  • Errand running volunteers help patients and families by picking up groceries, as well as completing other household errands.
  • Light housekeeping volunteers assist patients and families with light household duties, such as sorting, tidying, watering plants, and other light tasks.
  • Licensed cosmetologist/barber volunteers can provide haircuts and nail care for patients at their residence, whether at home or in a facility.
  • Pet owner volunteers can offer companionship to patients by bringing their friendly pet (certified therapy animals preferred) for pet visits. Patients living in their own homes may also need help with dog walking or pet care.
  • Seamstress and sewer volunteers sew “Memory Bears” from the clothing of patients who have passed away. Memory Bears are used to provide comfort to grieving family members.
  • Special Event or Community Outreach Assistance volunteers help set up special community-based events and community outreach.
  • Administrative support volunteers assist at Arbor Hospice’s offices by using their Microsoft Office (MSWord, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) proficiency and general office skills (filing, tracking, assembling packets and mailings, data entry, making telephone calls) to assist various office projects. All levels of experience welcome
  • Grief Journey Program volunteers assist by providing grief support to family members and community groups, including meal-time groups at local restaurants, or, walking groups, for example. These volunteers also extend general office help to Arbor Hospice’s Grief Journey Program.
  • Garden Beautification volunteers assist our Master Gardener in maintaining Arbor Hospice’s beautiful 8-acre gardens, accessible to and enjoyed by the community.

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