Ethics Hotline

Ethics Committee Consultation Process

The Ethics Committee is an advisory body formed to deal with ethical issues that may arise in the process of delivering care and doing business. Contact the Ethics Committee if you are experiencing an ethical or moral dilemma related to hospice care provided to one of our patients. Your concerns may be about care, communication, decision-making, competency, or other issues.
Anybody can contact the Ethics Committee, including patients, family members, employees, and volunteers. When referring an ethics case for review, please leave your name, phone number, email address, location, and a brief description of the issue. A member of the Ethics Committee will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your case.

  • Employees and volunteers should report urgent concerns to their immediate supervisor first. Other concerns may be addressed by employees in interdisciplinary team meetings or department meetings before contacting the committee.
  • Patients, family members, and other community members may contact the Ethics Committee by speaking to a member of your hospice team.

You may also contact the Ethics Committee by calling and leaving a message at (800) 335-0059 or by sending an email to: