Vehicle Donations

Your vehicle can make a difference in support of our mission. To get started, please read the information below.

Donations in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, and Washtenaw counties
Charity Motors will pick up your vehicle for free and tow it to their Detroit auction house. At that time, you will be provided with a tax receipt for the Blue Book value of your vehicle.


Donations in all other counties
Charity Motors will work with an auto auction house near you to pick up the vehicle and sell it locally. You will receive a tax receipt for the amount the vehicle is sold for at auction.


Low-income area exemption
Federal laws dictate that any charitable deduction derived from a vehicle sold at auction should be in the amount of the vehicle’s selling price, not the value as defined by the Kelley Blue Book; however, the law grants exemption to any auction house located in what is defined as a “low-income area,” allowing the organization to continue to credit sales at the Blue Book value. Charity Motors is based in such an area. For this reason, Arbor Hospice recommends it as the auctioneer of choice for those wishing to make a donation.

Though we recommend Charity Motors, we gratefully accept donations from any and all organizations and individuals. When contacting any organization, please remember to specify Arbor Hospice as your designated charity.

Charity Motors