Robert Cahill


Mr. Cahill joined Arbor Hospice as Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer in May 1998. A year later he was promoted to Senior Vice President and in July 2009 was named Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer. On January 1, 2014 he was promoted to President and CEO.

Mr. Cahill brings a well-rounded background of hands-on experience in finance, operations, sales and marketing in the following industries; healthcare, managed care, insurance and banking/finance.

Before coming to HOM, Cahill was Vice President of Operations at Value Health’s largest division, the Great Lakes Region based in Southfield. Value’s Great Lakes Region was a managed-care operation responsible for managing care on 3.5 million lives.

Prior to Value Health Cahill was Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Insight Recovery Centers. He helped this multi-site non-profit flourish, grow and diversify itself for 13 years. Mr. Cahill spearheaded several acquisitions and a start-up computer service company.

He also spent 4 years as Executive Vice President of Operations for American Way Life Insurance Company.

Mr. Cahill received his Bachelor’s Degree from Eastern Michigan University, his Master of Science degree in Administration from Central Michigan University and completed the Executive Education Program through Harvard Business School.

Mr. Cahill currently serves on the National Hospice Work Group CEO Board and the Detroit Economic Club Board of Directors.